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The Season of Giving

While the first snow settles across campus and everyone scatters from their last class to head home for the holiday weekend, the WAM Shop staff is busy stocking and arranging new items preparing for the influx of holiday shoppers.

Enter you. Maybe you are looking for a small gift to bring to your weekend hostess, a house warmer for friends you'll share your holiday with, or the perfect accessory for a snowy date.

Gülgün Kayim Talks the State of Creativity in Minneapolis

Gülgün Kayim is the Director of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy for the City of Minneapolis. She spoke at Bring Your Own Business Card, our networking event for creative students last week. Essentially, Gülgün’s work is to facilitate growth and improvement in the creative sector. I had the chance to ask her a few questions about resources and programs she has worked on, and ways that students can learn from them.

Campus Spotlight: Ceramics Collective

In conjunction with the Weisman’s exhibition, A Culture of Pots, the WAM Shop is selling one-of-a-kind pieces by University of Minnesota student ceramicists. WAM Collective member Lauren Gengler sat down with junior Cassi Miesner, Vice President of the Ceramics Collective (and Visitor Services Representative at WAM!) to discuss her artistic process and relationship with clay.

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Sighted: James Lee Byars!

As you can clearly see by the hat, this architectural sketch by E.C. of Frank O. Gehry & Associates exemplifies not only how the skylights of the Weisman Art Museum cast light indirectly to illuminate artworks but also the hope that conceptual artist James Lee Byars (1932-1997) might visit the shining new building upon its completion in 1993.

Coincidence or not?