Create + Learn
Two older people drawing in the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration

Target Studio

Target Studio welcomes visitors to drop in, connect with community, and explore their creative inquiries. The Studio offers a range of interactive activities and programs, such as workshops, demonstrations, discussions, film screenings and guided experiences with artists, curators, community members and interdisciplinary practitioners.

Studio Programs – beginning fall 2023


Imagination Studio

Led by a team of mental health specialists, artists, and museum educators, Imagination Studio is an immersive research study investigating how engaging with creative arts activities may help college students who are experiencing depression. Presented in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Department of Psychiatry and Behavior Health and Masonic Institute of the Developing Brain. Registration is now closed for fall 2023.

Art Bites

The WAM Guides program is a paid opportunity for University of Minnesota students to develop and lead interactive, close-looking tours of the museum for the visiting public. Drop in, meet other curious-minded museum goers, and listen to your WAM Guide approach the museum’s collection via a theme of their own choosing.

Open Studio

Open Studio invites you to move at a self-directed pace through a variety of art-making activities. Activities are developed in conversation with the museum’s collections and current exhibitions. Free and open to the public.