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Music for Paintings for Two CellosComposed and performed by Jacqueline Ultan and Aliya Ultan

Paintings for Two Cellos are a series of six small abstract paintings by David Bartley, with an improvised duo cello piece inspired by, and to accompany, each painting. 

Exhibition Guide: The Other Four

The Weisman Art Museum presents The Other Four, a varied display of contemporary artists whose work draws on our sense of smell, taste, touch, and sound. The show seeks to explore the richness of the human experience and engage audiences through primarily nonvisual means. Featured works bring our attention to these four, often upstaged, senses and open up a vast realm of experiences that are usually overshadowed by our visual programming—even if only for the moments we are in the exhibition.

Truth-Telling and Repair | Rountable Discussion

This talk was recorded on November 15, 2023 and is available via the Weisman’s YouTube channel.  This discussion aimed to shed light on the complex issues surrounding the return of cultural artifacts, institutional accountability, and the steps the Weisman Art Museum is taking to acknowledge and address historical and ongoing harms against Native communities.

Urban Cadence and the Lens on Africa | Artist Talk

This talk was recorded on October 25 in conjunction with the exhibition URBAN CADENCE is available via the Weisman’s YouTube channel. Urban Cadence was organized for tour by The Gund at Kenyon College. The Gund exhibitions and programs are sponsored, in part, by The Gund Board of Directors and the Ohio Arts Council. 

Art Bites Tours

Free, Student-Led Tours

THURSDAYS at 11:30 A.M., SATURDAYS at 1:30 P.M., SUNDAYS at 1:30 P.M. 

ART BITES are 30-minute, 3-stop tours given by Student WAM Guides developed under instruction from WAM’s LEARNING, ACCESSIBILITY, AND INCLUSION INTERN, Olivia Comstock.