The Season of Giving
Inside of wam shop

While the first snow settles across campus and everyone scatters from their last class to head home for the holiday weekend, the WAM Shop staff is busy stocking and arranging new items preparing for the influx of holiday shoppers.

Enter you. Maybe you are looking for a small gift to bring to your weekend hostess, a house warmer for friends you'll share your holiday with, or the perfect accessory for a snowy date.

WAM Collective has hand curated a thoughtful gift guide inspired by our own favorite items in the WAM shop, and the friends or family we buy gifts for every year. Consider it our gift to you!

The True Minnesotan

the true minnesotan
The Bicycle Artisans by Will Jones ($39.95), Beer Bites by Christian DeBenedetti and Andrea Slonecker ($24.95), 40 oz Fish Flask ($28.00), MN State Pint Glass ($10.00), 8x10 Landmark WAM Print by Mark Herman ($20.00), Keep the Faye Minnesota Marvel's Dishtowel ($10.50), Dock 6 Pottery MN Trivet ($16.00), MN Wood Magnet ($8.50)

Beers, bikes, and beards alike. These are for the person in your life with "o"s straight out of Fargo, who faithfully listens to Prairie Home Companion, and makes the best hot dish in town, whether they still live in Minnesota or have moved far away.

The Bookworm

the bookworm

For the never ending student in your life, always on the go and with a book in hand. Valeria Luiselli's second novel "The Story of My Teeth" will remind them why they love to read and give them an excuse to do so for pleasure! Pair it with a nice notepad and pen to jot down their thoughts or a Duluth Pack backpack to bring it on the go.

The Homebody

the homebody
Shiraleah Luz Scarf ($34.00), Illume Winter White Candle ($28.95), Tea Forte Green Tea Assortment ($18.00), Good at Naps Enamel Pin ($12.50), Dock 6 Pottery Mug ($22.00), World's Softest Weekend Knee-Hi Socks ($12.95), Laser Cut I Really Don't Like You Magnet ($8.50)

Winter is coming and so are many days of wanting to stay in bed, draw a warm bath and brew a hot pot of tea. Help prepare your friends (or yourself!) with some super soft wool socks, a high quality tea set, or a candle that will transport anyone in the room to a place full of warmth and sun.

The Art Lover

The art lover
Art Inc. The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist ($16.95), Helen Frankenthaler Notecards ($14.95), Frida Kahlo the Gisèle Freund Photographs ($24.95), Art is the Highest Form of Hope ($24.95), Colored Pencils Jar Set ($7.95), WAM Collection Art Postcards ($0.75 Ea)

For the person would spend everyday in art museum if it was possible. The  avid art book collector who has new wall wall decor every time you stop by. Help them round out their collection with a hardcover artist book, or spice up their desk with some beautiful Helen Frankenthaler notecards.

The World Traveler

the world traveler
Apaza Rustic Alpaca Knit Scarf ($32.00), Apothecary Travel Set ($14.50), Peru the Cookbook by Gastón Acurio ($49.95), Pan American Modernism: Avant-Garde Art in Latin America and the United States ($19.95), Lucia's Imports Guatemalan Tapas Dish ($10.00), Mujus Naranja Piel Bracelet ($32.00), Patterned Beaded bracelet ($14.50)

This winter WAM Shop is full of amazing products from small businesses and women owned companies that reflect the diverse countries represented in our feature show Pan American Modernism. Spice up your holidays with a funky statement piece by MUJUS, a jewelry company started by Peruvian Brooklynite Paola Delgado, or some papa rellena following the recipes Gastón Acurio wrote for"Peru the Cookbook".

The Child at Heart

the child at heart
Twoolies Giraffe ($25.00), I Could Pee on This Cat Notecards ($14.95), Art Workshops for Children by Hervé Tullet ($19.95), Cubebot ($8.50), Jellycat FuddleWuddle Kitty ($21.95),  Chewbeads Teether ($16.95)

For the child at heart, or maybe just the friend with children, come bearing gifts for all. Made in South Mexico, Eleven Design studio's twoolies are natural wool animals. Designed by Sindy Posso and Mayan artists, they modern concepts with ancestral native designs. These giraffes, sheep and llamas make great decoration pieces as well as fun toys for young animal lovers.

The Naturalist

the naturalist
Decomposition Book ($8.00), Reindeer Antler Bottle Opener ($30.00),  Wood Collection Swell Bottle (35.00), Ames Farm Beeswax Candle ($13.95), Mujus Nazca Necklace ($46.00), Weisman Art Museum Organic Canvas Tote ($5.69)

For the true granola that bikes through winter, or maybe just the avid recycler who rocks natural tones, fill a WAM canvas tote with a post-consumer DeComposition Book, a wood grain swell bottle that will keep their coffee hot and water cold, and a found antler bottle opener to crack open a bottle on the trail.

The Fashionista

the fashionista
Tiny Dots Gold Cuff ($48.00), Shiraleah Powder Blue Infinity Scarf ($36.00), Roost Felted Animal Ornaments ($14.95), Designworks Inc. Make It Happen Hardcover Planner ($16.00), Rifle Paper Co 2017 Blush Hardcover Agenda ($32.00), Porcelain treasure dish ($16.00), Illume Winter White Soy Candle ($22.00), Wide Open Wirelines Cuff ($24.00)

Arguably the best thing about the new year is starting a new planner, the WAM shop is full of beautiful planners with different organization structures to bring your list game to new heights. While you're in pick up a pillowy Shirealeah scarf for your girlfriends and check one present off of your to-dos.

The WAM Shop is open during normal Weisman Art Museum Hours. This winter the Holiday Sale runs from Nov. 30 – Dec 2. During the sale WAM Members and U of M staff and students receive 20% off all merchandise. For more information visit