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Vintage Posters

While going through the University Gallery files from the early 1950s, we found many small posters (7"x11") for the exhibitions, no doubt to post around campus. These posters are one-color prints (sometimes on a colorful paper stock) with no images, but with some simple graphic flourishes--they are very charming in their simplicity. I can definitely see echos of this kind of straightforward design in today's graphic design trends. We thought we'd share a few of these gems!

Ready, set... Process!

It has begun. On Tuesday, February 8th, project processors Areca and Rebecca, U of M graduate students, and Weisman Art Museum interns, began processing the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum records contained within the University Archives. We've pushed up our glasses, rolled up our sleeves, advanced the lead on our mechanical pencils... and have begun re-foldering, re-boxing, and recording boxes within the collection containing materials that span from the late 1930s to the mid 1960s.


Since October 2010, The Weisman Art Museum has been closed to the public in order to complete a $14 million expansion project, to include four new galleries to showcase the permanent collection, a café cart, and an additional gallery space, the Target Studio for creative collaboration.