Target Studio Gallery

people printmaking at table Shanai Matteson: A Ship's First Shape

Sat, May 16 - Sun, Jun 21 2020

What do we, womxn artists, scientists, activists, and organizers, know about submersion, swimming, sailing, sinking, and ultimately seeking the source of our collective power—and how do we know it? — Shanai Matteson

art installation with clothes hanging amid projection of sand and stormy sky She Who Lives on the Road to War

Sat, Dec 21 2019 - Sat, Feb 1 2020

I am Haudenosaunee. The culture, history, and identity stored in my body is the underpinning of all my artwork. Creating is a spiritual act for me, rooted in nature, formed through my link to my ancestors and the land of which we are made.                                    

person lays down surrounded by artpiece made of string/yarn Walk Back to Your Body

Wed, Sep 25 - Mon, Dec 16 2019

In the fall of 2018, artists and researchers embarked on a year-long residency program through a partnership between the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration and the UMN Medical School. This exhibition and subsequent programming culminate this year of shared exploration known as Art and Health. The title of this exhibition—Walk Back to Your Body—summarizes the research and knowledge that artists and medical researchers have gained. It is also a call to action.

people sitting on floor pillows among lamps Daydreaming Station: A Work-in-Progress Installation by Peng Wu

Sat, May 25 - Sun, Sep 1 2019

Falling asleep is a unique act of letting go of consciousness. Dreams that we see while unconscious inspire artworks, scientific theories, and rituals. Sleep is deeply cultural: decisions on when and where we are or are not allowed to sleep are driven by societal norms at least as much as by personal drives and natural cycles. When artist Peng Wu and neurologist Dr. Michael Howell talk about sleep, their conversation is not only about physiology and disorders: they talk about sleep as a culture and about sleeplessness as a cultural phenomenon that cannot be addressed with a pill.

people sitting and reading surrounded by books The Section of Disapproved Books

Sat, Sep 8 - Sun, Dec 16 2018

Daniel McCarthy Clifford, an artist in residence in the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration this fall, collaborated with Betsy Friesen, the director of data management and access at the University of Minnesota Libraries. Together they compiled The Section of Disapproved Books, housed in the Target Studio, that includes the titles in the library catalogue that are banned in U.S. incarceration facilities.

artist rendition of a dragster car What a Drag!

Sat, May 20 - Sun, Nov 19 2017

WAM presents the exhibition What a Drag! celebrating and featuring the Tom Hoover 1966 Top Fuel Dragster. Named “the most beautiful dragster ever built” by HOT ROD magazine in 2015, this super-charged vehicle, along with a suit needed to drive it, ancillary components, and related ephemera, will be on view in the Target Gallery. 

stone arch bridge with Minneapolis in the background Big Bridges

Sat, Feb 28 - Sun, Dec 6 2015

They are emblems of achievement and passage to the other side. Big bridges have been making their mark on cityscapes through the ages. In the Twin Cities, our unique location on the gorge of the Mississippi River makes our bridges as majestic as they are vital. Whether supported from below or suspended from above, they are important elements in our visual world and integral to our livelihood. And yet our bridges are wearing out and in need of attention.

public art scultpure outdoors Public Art 25

Sat, Jun 15 2013 - Sat, Jun 14 2014

The year 2013 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Public Art on Campus program on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. In 1988, the University established the program in response to a law passed by the Minnesota Legislature that allowed up to one percent of the total appropriation for any state-funded building to be used for the acquisition of works of art. Since then, the University has commissioned and installed more than two dozen public art works on campus.

gallery in WAM displaying scultpures Contextual Flux

Tue, Sep 18 2012 - Sun, Jun 9 2013

The fall exhibition in the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration, contextual flux, demonstrates how nature can guide and inform better design solutions to human problems. Artist Jason Hackenwerth will create new sculptural forms with University of Minnesota graduate and undergraduate students.

collaborative space in the gallery Plaza Design Competition

Sun, Oct 2 2011 - Fri, Feb 10 2012

The goal of the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration is to bring together cross-disciplinary teams for intense periods of collaboration to generate new ideas. Collaborations like this design competition spotlight the modern artist’s role in creating and communicating ideas.