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gallery in WAM displaying scultpures
Contextual Flux
September 18, 2012 - June 9, 2013

The fall exhibition in the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration, contextual flux, demonstrates how nature can guide and inform better design solutions to human problems. Artist Jason Hackenwerth will create new sculptural forms with University of Minnesota graduate and undergraduate students.

The Target Studio for Creative Collaboration, which functions both as a working studio and as a gallery, presents both a collection of artifacts and the collaborative process that emerge from contextual flux. This exhibition celebrates an art, design, science, and engineering collaboration at the University of Minnesota. Connecting faculty and resources from the Weisman Art Museum, the College of Design, the College of Biological Sciences, graduate and undergraduate students, and the skills of the Digital Fabrication Laboratory, this creative process launches the unique capacity of the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration to facilitate a collaborative and dynamic design process on campus. Matthew Groshek, serving as guest curator for this exhibition, will select student projects that will highlight the biomimetic design process.