Target Studio Gallery

A Black male looks solemnly into the camera (black and white image). The figure is cutout against a solid orange background. Film Screening: Take This Hammer

Wed, Feb 7 2024

Drop in to the Target Studio for a film screening of the documentary Take This Hammer, produced and directed by Richard O. Moore, featuring essayist, intellectual and social critic, James Baldwin. Filmed in San Francisco in the spring of 1963, the documentary follows Baldwin as he engages in conversations with Black community members and religious leaders, addressing focusing on unemployment, gentrification, police violence and the fate of the civil-rights movement.

Open Studio: Sensory x Experience

Thu, Feb 1 - Thu, Feb 29 2024

February's art-making theme is inspired by the work of Sam Gilliam and the Weisman's spring exhibition, The Other Four. "Sensory art" in art history refers to artwork that is designed to engage and stimulate the viewer's senses beyond just the visual. It aims to create a multisensory experience, often incorporating elements that appeal to touch, hearing, smell, and sometimes even taste.

A painting featuring a Black skinned child with wild hair casting shadows in serpentine lines across the surface of the canvas. The main colors in the image are blue, black/gray, and peach. Open Studio: Shadow & Light

Fri, Dec 1 2023


Artists have used light and shadow across different mediums and styles to convey depth, form, location, atmosphere, and mood in their artworks. The manipulation of light and shadow, also known as chiaroscuro, a Renaissance painting technique, has been a fundamental aspect of art throughout history. Light is also the means through which we can see color through lightwaves in the visible range.

piece of netting on colored ripple background Open Studio: Water Reflections

Wed, Nov 1 2023

Practice Art x Art Practice

November Open Studio: Water Reflections

Throughout art history, artists have portrayed water in diverse ways, reflecting their perceptions, emotions, and cultural contexts. Using brushwork, color choices, texture, and other artistic tools, the portrayal of water has evolved across different art movements, styles, and mediums.

oil painting of rocks and trees against stormy sky Open Studio: Inner and Outer Landscapes

Thu, Oct 5 - Tue, Oct 31 2023

Practice Art x Art Practice

October Open Studio: Inner and Outer Landscapes

In art history, the term “landscape” refers to a genre or style of visual art that focuses primarily on depicting natural scenery, such as mountains, forests, rivers, valleys, and other elements of the natural environment. Landscapes can be both realistic and imaginary. They have been a significant subject in the history of art across various cultures and periods, though were originally seen as inferior subjects for painting in the French and Italian art academies. 

art displayed on the WAM shop wall Art Rental Gallery

Wed, Aug 30 - Wed, Sep 27 2023

Art is not just an addition to your living space, it’s an elevation of your life’s canvas. These original, ready-to-hang, one-of-a-kind artworks are available for rent exclusively for U of M students. Choose from a diverse range of artworks, spanning from mid-twentieth century to contemporary creations by local artists. You can take in an installation of about 50 artworks in the Target Studio. Want to take a look through the whole collection of available Art Rental works? There are even more to choose from on screens in the back of the WAM Shop.

puzzle pieces, completed puzzles, and a brain inside a pod with poetry written inside The World Inside You

Wed, Apr 5 - Sun, Jun 25 2023

The World Inside You: Research on Creativity and the Adolescent Brain at the University of Minnesota

Weisman Art Museum is proud to present The World Inside You, an exhibition of artwork made by adolescent artist-participants in a collaborative research project undertaken by an interdisciplinary team of artists and researchers from the University of Minnesota Medical School, led by Dr. Katie Cullen, poet Yuko Taniguchi, and artist Peng Wu, which is part of a years-long collaborative partnership with the Weisman Art Museum.

chair in front of screens depicting waves on water Rosy Simas Danse: she who lives on the road to war (2022-2023)

Sat, Sep 10 2022 - Sun, Feb 19 2023

Weisman Art Museum (WAM) is pleased to present she who lives on the road to war by Rosy Simas Danse in the Weisman’s Target Studio for Creative Collaboration gallery from September 10, 2022 - February 19, 2023. The project includes a new installation and in-gallery performances throughout the fall of 2022.

textiles and a photograph of a person standing in front of a half-demolished house Bimiwetigweyaa — Tcubúhatceh

Wed, Jun 1 - Sun, Aug 21 2022

The Sound the River Makes Flowing Along — The Ripple and Roar of a Flowing Stream

Bimiwetigweyaa (Ojibwe) pronounced:

images of nature and train tracks and storage containers Gudrun Lock: The Nature of Shoreham Yards

Wed, Jan 19 - Sun, May 15 2022

The Nature of Shoreham Yards is an installation envisioned by artist Gudrun Lock featuring the in-process work, research, and explorations of a motley collective of thinkers and makers. The focus of these efforts are the buffers of an active 230-acre train and trucking facility in Northeast Minneapolis, called Shoreham Yards. Both polluted and full of life, the buffers interface in dynamic ways with the neighborhoods surrounding them, and are potent sites of potential transformation.