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people printmaking at table
Shanai Matteson: A Ship's First Shape
May 16, 2020 - June 21, 2020

What do we, womxn artists, scientists, activists, and organizers, know about submersion, swimming, sailing, sinking, and ultimately seeking the source of our collective power—and how do we know it? — Shanai Matteson

Artist, writer, community-based researcher, and Target Studio artist-in-residence Shanai Matteson will collaborate with social scientist Mae Davenport to answer that question. Shanai will also collaborate with comic artist, printmaker, and publisher Zak Sally to use posters, zines, and other popular print media to amplify and activate womxn’s stories of water and culture.

Image: Shanai leading a printing workshop at Yo Mama’s House in November 2019. Photograph by Boris Oicherman.