Paul Sabby

A Weisguide since 2017, Paul is an avid museum goer and when he’s not spending time leading tours at WAM, you might find him in spin class or rowing down the Mississippi River, which is how he first discovered this glistening museum on the river's shore.

“I’ve always had an appreciation for ‘beauty,’ and I used to think of that as a synonym for ‘art’—and, of course, it often is,” Paul said. “But ‘art’ can have many meanings.”

Paul reflects on the way he’s learned to look at art differently since joining WAM. His favorite tour he’s ever lead was just last week! (He admits that often, his favorite tours are his most recent).  The group discussed the life and works of Marsden Hartley, whose work WAM has an extensive collection of. Paul had never heard of Hartley before becoming a Weisguide, though he recently developed a tour that covered Hartley's queer identity in relationship to his works. Paul's initiative and creative energy are a signature of WAM's Wesiguides, who constantly encourage new perspectives at the museum.