Artful Writing is centered on works of visual art. The images offer rich puzzles to investigate. The PERCEIVE cards guide students into a work and help them begin to build meaning. By practicing the habit of increased perception — slowing down to look before judging — students find evidence to help build their interpretations and opinions and gain an awareness of, and confidence in, their own thinking.

Increased observation or sensory perception—taking time to notice things that others might miss—is an essential practice in visual literacy and a valuable skill for all learners and creative thinkers.

Both this web-based resource and the printed Artful Writing Classroom Resource Kit include a range of art images and writing activities for students and teachers to choose from. Most activities work well with more than one of the reproductions, or images you may already have. All of the writing and creative activities follow the same process:

1. Perceive  2. Consider  3. Create  4.Reflect

Students are challenged to practice careful observation, connect with prior knowledge and personal experience, express ideas, and reflect upon the quality of their work.