A naked, female-presenting torso faces the camera in the foreground, in front of a window; her arms partially cover her breasts; her fists are clenched and poised up, as if ready to punch. On her belly is a message written in thick, black, all-caps: YOU ARE COLONIZING MY BODY AS YOU DID MY HOMELAND
Photo by Nooshin Hakim Javadi


Artists Respond to Texas Senate Bill 8: Nooshin Hakim Javadi

Nooshim Hakim

About the Artist

Nooshin Hakim Javadi works at the intersection of sculpture, installation, and performance. As an Iranian now living in the United States, Javadi’s practice investigates the material culture of conflict, displacement, and transition, considering how these experiences are internalized by the body. She received her BFA in Sculpture from Tehran University and an MFA from the University of Minnesota in Visual Arts with a minor in Projection Design.

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