ZINE: How Does Your Garden Grow?
"how does your garden grow" underneath drawings of vegetables


Gardens can be literal places for growing our flowers and vegetables, or gardens can be inside our hearts and minds.

How are we tending our gardens? How are we sowing our seeds for a harvest where no one will be hungry? What magic are we finding in the sunshine, water, and soil?

I asked these questions of some artists and writers and got answers in the form of a love letter to wild yeast, sketches of patio sanctuaries, poems about foraged wine, and more. Created by a multi-racial, many gendered, diverse cast of artists, including South Asian, Black, Mixed, white, Fat, Queer, artists.

I hope this zine will inspire you to tend to our collective gardens, and to focus on growth and change for the future. 

— L. Kling, Pickle Witch and Editor of YOLOW zines 

Cover art by Sarah Kling Instagram @sarahandhareld

Featured Works

"Tending Our Gardens" - words by L. Kling

"Food Shelf Bounty" - words by Soraya Daneshmand, art by sen holiday

"Green Onions" - art and words by Paulina Hoong

"Resilience is in Our Nature" - art by Heather C. Lou (hclou) / "Hanged One" - art and words by Arnée Martin


This zine was inspired by “How to Survive the End of the World” podcast, Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown, Tori Hong’s and Cori Lin’s's Climate Group, the quarantine zines and art happening right now, and all of your garden photos on Instagram! 

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