WAM welcomes new Collaboration Incubator residencies
8 portraits

The start of the semester brings five new Collaboration Incubator residencies to the Target Studio. A platform that supports collaborations between artists and UMN researchers, the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration was created to allow time and space for relationships to grow and develop into professional networks. Designed as short-term projects intended to lay the foundation for long-term relationships with academic collaborators, artists and researchers will work to propel their projects and prepare proposals for future funding—all in an effort to carry out the long-term and ongoing nature of socially-engaged work.


Top image, clockwise left to right: Amoke Kubat (Photograph by Adja Gildersleve), Marcie Rendon (Photo by Boris Oicherman), Rosy Simas (Photo by Tim Rummelhoff), Rachel Breen (Photo by Justin Allen), Vienne Chan (Photo by Roland Baege), Rachel Jendrzejewski (Photo by Theo Goodell), Emily Gastineau (Photo by Theo Goodell), and Billy Mullaney (Photo by Roman Ermolaev)