Amoke Kubat

About the Artist

Amoke Kubat is a writer and multi-genre artist. She remains curious about self, as an older African American woman, the natural world, and the Sacred. She is reclaiming an African Indigenous Spiritual sensibility to reconnect Black people to the natural world, as practice for holistic wellness. Self taught, Amoke uses artmaking and writing to continue to define herself and hold a position of wellness in an America sick with inequalities and inequities. Her first play, "ANGRY BLACK WOMAN & Well Intentioned White Girl" continues to tour in the Twin Cities and to rural Minnesota cities. She debuted “Old Good Pussy and Good Old Pussy” at Pillsbury House January 15-25, 2020. Amoke is the creator of YO MAMA’s The Art of Mothering Workshops and YO MAMA’S HOUSE Cooperative.