WAM Collective 2017-2018

Meet the 2017-2018 WAM Collective!


Darling is a senior studying English and art history. Hailing from central South Dakota, Laurel hopes to one day work as a museum curator. In addition being in the Collective, Laurel works at the Weisman as the Administrative Assistant. In her limited free time, she can be found reading, knitting, drag brunching, or trying new restaurants around the Twin Cities.

Lauren Gengler

Lauren Gengler is a 3rd year studying Art and Journalism who spends most of her time within the walls of the museum. When she is not at the WAM, she can be found reading a good book or jammin' on her planner. In addition to the campus museum scene, Lauren is active with the university’s comedy club, Minnesota Long Form Improv and Phony magazine.

Lexi Herman

Lexi Herman is a cross-disciplinary artist and educator. She has generated a number of independent artistic and curatorial projects and has presented work throughout the Twin Cities in various galleries and programs including Cellular Cinema, 9 x 22, Feminist Video Quarterly, Co-Exhibitions, Quarter Gallery, Yeah Maybe, and SooVAC. Lexi currently holds the position of Education Assistant at WAM. Lexi is finishing her last year as a BFA candidate in sculpture at the University of Minnesota.

Barthollomew Presby

Barthollomew Presby is a multifaceted artist and musician with a habit of questioning the status quo and a passion for guerrilla creation and performance. It is likely that one may find him making something, rolling somewhere, or discussing the universe with someone. If you spot him, feel free to say, “Hi!” Barthollomew will be happy to meet you.

Frederica Simmons

Frederica Simmons is a third year undergraduate student pursuing a dual degree in Art History and Communication studies through the University Honors Program. She is also one of the Weisman Art Museum's Gallery Learning Interns and has worked for the Minneapolis Institute of Art in the MultiGenerational Learning department as well. She loves to connect her passions for art with the community at every possible opportunity.

Laura Stamm

Laura Stamm is in her fourth year at the University receiving a degree in both art history and art. Her artistic style is minimalistic through use of bold color along with mix media materials in her drawings and paintings. Most of her free time is spent with her dog Freja.

Jedding Tamba

Jedding Tamba is a senior majoring in Health Service Management with a minor in Public Health. My introduction to Art comes from my love of music. Once a DJ, growing up I found myself being captivated by the covers and various booklets within CD and Vinyl’s. I have no talent to create works of art (Trust me I tried) but highly respect and admired those who can. I travel frequently and make it a priority to visit a museum or gallery in every city I go to. As of now, my favorite “Art Adventure” was the Takashi Murakami exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. I live by the motto “If everyone is the artist, who is left to appreciate it”. My contribution to the arts I believe is my time given as well as my love and appreciation of it.

Anya Udovik

Anya Udovik is a third year Art History and History major with a particular interest in alternative gallery spaces and museology. Although her primary focus is contemporary Eastern European art history, Anya also enjoys reading up on postwar print culture, transi tombs, and Conceptualism.

Caleb Vanden Boom

Caleb Vanden Boom is a fourth year graphic design student with an emphasis in web design and typography. He currently works for local design firm Joyce and workshop/collaborative space Fool Proof.