The Truth About Memory

On November 28th, at 7:30pm, local intellectuals and artists--students and non-students alike--came together to witness our latest WAM Chatter event, Is Memory True?

The event, put together by our own Katherine Covey, housed a subdued, yet curious atmosphere that began with a selection of treats and drinks, followed by presentations from Rebecca Krinke, Wilma Koustaal, and Mona Smith. Each presenter was given an alotted time for presentation, followed by a debate between the three. The event gave each, from backgrounds of multimedia art, psychology, and the Dakota tribe, a chance to defend their opinions on the truth of "memory".

Food and drink on a yellow table

Such diverse backgrounds gave way to a very enlightening discussion, followed by the chance for audience members to ask questions and participate.

A person presenting on stage

All in all, it was a hit! The event was the most successful Chatter event yet! Hats off to Katie, the presenters, and everyone in attendance!