Target Studio Activations and Performances
May 15 2019 | 4 - 6pm

333 E River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

11 circular portraits

Additional Details

These performances and activations will open the Target Studio Collaboration Culmination and Performance, which also features a Conversation on Performance and Public Art and Variations of Sounds Traveling Between a Barrel and a Heart.

Performances, installations and activations by the artist-fellows of the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration: Aniccha Arts and Pramila Vasudevan, Terry Hempfling and Rachel Jendrzejewski, Nooshin Hakim and Pedram Baldari, Marcus Young and his students at the Art for Social Change program at HECUA, Anna Marie Shogren, Peng Wu, Yuko Taniguchi, Alison Hiltner, Daniel McCarthy Clifford, and Monica Sheets.

Meet Boris Oicherman, WAM’s Cindy and Jay Ihlenfeld Curator for Creative Collaboration, for an informal conversation about the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration program.


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