Seven Forms Student Design Showcase: Zoë Weinmann
Past, Pride & Future by Zoë Weinmann

Concept Statement

Zoe illustration
Final illustration of Past, Present & Future by Zoë Weinmann

Past, Pride & Future was inspired by reflection and memorials. This look is a figurative reflection; looking back on part of the past as a way to move and strengthen the future. Based on my own life/experience, I wanted to create a personal art piece, showcasing important aspects and events of queer history represented through paper, vinyl, and photos.

For the garment, I used holographic self-adhesive paper with a shower curtain lining as the base. I also used 12-gauge clear vinyl and large muted-colored photographs. All of these are put together in a way that tells a story visually and/or figuratively, without being too literal.

This concept is personal to me, as someone that identifies within the LGBTQ+ community. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends and family that accept me, and that didn’t look at me differently after opening up to them. I understand that that isn’t the case for all queer individuals, but I still wanted to use my design to show a more positive light on the subject.

The photos shown under the vinyl over-skirt represent the past; not just how important it is to remember, but also that it is still part of both the individual and pride itself, no matter how long ago it was. The vinyl overlay on both the top and skirt serves as a reminder that while we’ve made much progress towards equality, we still have a very long way to go before we could all live freely, and no longer need to have a coming-out process. The iridescent paper is a symbol of Pride in present-day; celebrating said progress that queer individuals and allies have made, and the freedom of self-expression that one has with being open about their identity.

Zoë Weinmann

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About the Design Showcase: During the spring 2020 semester, 10 emerging student designers were tasked with creating a one-of-a-kind garment using non-traditional materials and technology inspired by the exhibition Harriet Bart: Abracadabra and Other Forms of Protection.

After eight weeks of material testing, sketching in the galleries, writing, and work-shopping their designs with local artisans Marina Shimelfarb, Charlie Wagner, and the artist herself, Harriet Bart, the final designs are nothing short of radical, innovative, and deeply personal.

The Seven Forms Student Design Showcase is presented in partnership with the UMN College of Design, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance and Juut Salon Spa.