Nova on "The Feminist Strip Club" (Post #3)
A photo from the perspective of a dancer with bare legs and large platform heels, hanging upside-down by their legs from a pole.
Courtesy of the dancer.

I have personally always been interested in sex work. It is and has always been work. I think sex workers and erotic dancers specifically are very underappreciated.

There are a lot of misconceptions about dancing that I would love to clarify for the public. One is the stereotypes about the kind of women who dance—we are not all addicts with drug problems and daddy issues. We are mothers and daughters. We have families and goals and ambitions and should be treated accordingly. I hope to bring more respect and understanding to dancers through this project.

In our meetings, I have really enjoyed the support and the resources of knowing other dancers. The hardest part of this project is the scheduling conflicts. It is just difficult to get everyone together on the same page. But I am committed to the project, and I am excited to see it through.




NOVA, participant in The Feminist Strip Club.

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