Museum/Life | Artist Talk with Marcus Young
Aug 4 2019 | 2 - 3pm

333 E River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

A person sitting on the floor looking at art

Additional Details

With Museum/Life, artist Marcus Young 楊墨 continues his exploration of living in a museum. This time the behavioral form is practiced with four other artists. They will live in the Weisman for 48 hours using their adjusted life routines to transform the museum into a place of behavioral and social experimentation. Together, they explore a way of being that is rare, a strange relationship to art that opens new tones of healing, creativity, and remembering what is human. This artist talk takes place the very last hour of their two-day residency.

Young's project is part of the Summer Institute at the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration. The Summer Institute is a series of informal workshops created and led by artists, for artists. The focus will be on performance and social practice, two art forms vibrantly present in the Twin Cities.


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