Member Feature: Elise
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Elise Armani

Name: Elise Armani
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Madison, WI
College: College of Liberal Arts
Major: BFA Major Studio Art, BA Major Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, Minor: Art History
Campus Involvement: I'm a WAM Collective officer and work at WAM as the Projects & Programs Assistant!

What's your favorite piece in WAMs collection? 

I have so many favorite pieces in the collection, but my favorite that is currently on display is Akio Takamori's "Sleeping Woman in Red Dress with Blue Hair".

Painting of a person with blue hair and red garb

What does sustainability mean to you? 

For me, sustainability is about making small changes in my day to day life that ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle with a lesser impact on the earth. Six years ago I went vegan and never looked back, it's the best decision I've ever made.


How do you practice mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a struggle for me. I tend to bite off more than I can chew and not allocate enough time for myself or my relationships. Yoga and google calendar are my saving graces. Together they force me to block off time to spend by myself or with the folks I value and to not think about my list of to-do's while doing it.

Where's the best place to get coffee around here?
Anelace in North East if you are feeling fancy, Caffetto in Uptown if you're about to birth 10 hours of homework.

Inside of a cafe
Image via Anelace Coffee

Whats your favorite class you've taken at the U?
Freshman year I took a class called "Women Write the World" in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. We read sci-fi novels by women of color as metaphors for Earth based political / social structures. Needless to say I declared a GWSS major like 2 days in.


Top three albums?

Ryan Adams' "The Suicide Handbook", Modest Mouse's "This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About", and Bob Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks"

Honorable mention for Tegan and Sara's "The Con", Tracy Chapman's "Crossroads" and Elliott Smith's "Either/Or"

Favorite spot in the Twin Cities?

Tangletown Gardens' Garden Center, I want to live there.

What are you passionate about?

A world where museums reflect and are accessible to the entirety of their community!