Meet the WAM Collective Officers

We’re really excited to introduce you to this year’s WAM Collective Officers. They are an exciting bunch of people who really care about communities, art, and making a difference.

The WAM Collective meets weekly to talk about museums and plan their programs, which happen often, and includes things like study nights, art-making-opportunities, and networking with creative professionals.

As students and emerging professionals, the WAM Collective Officer program gives the opportunity to learn and create with professional museum staff, artists, advocates, and community members on projects that reflect the concerns, interests, and passions of the student body. Interested in becoming an Officer? Learn more about the program here, and apply in September 2020.


The WAM Collective is students’ behind the scenes access pass to the Weisman Art Museum. Joining the Collective is free and open to all University of Minnesota students. Haven’t joined yet? Do so here >>