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Café interior

The other week at Art-A-Whirl, I (David Reimann) spoke to a woman who was working an iced-coffee stand in a parking lot where a band was playing and people were dancing. She and I spoke, and I learned that she was the owner of the newly opened café named, Maeve's Cafe, located on 13th Ave NE. The following week I decided to pay a visit to the cafe because she told me that they show artists' work and it was the first collection being shown since the opening in September, '11.

12-medium sized acrylic portraits, by Toni Gallo, were hanging along the walls with music playing, mirrors reflecting and people enjoying the aesthetics. From the artist's bio, Gallo wrote that her portraits are less about individual identity and more about anonymous characters. They were well done and interesting to look at in detail. I was amazed by their beauty in composition and how they made the café feel like you were sitting at your own home. I think you all will enjoy checking the art out when stopping by for a drink. Make sure you visit Maeve's Cafe before Gallo's work is gone!