Art Shanties!

Have you ever been to Medicine Lake in the Winter? If not, we'd highly encourage you to go next year. Every year, there's a group of creative individuals and groups that band together in order to create Art Shanties, which are basically themed/dressed up ice houses. Themes can be anything from "Schoolhouse" which contains desks, books, a blackboard filled with fun facts & chawk graffiti from visitors, and that one clock that's always in school classrooms; a "Naughty Shanty" with promiscuous posters, interesting fortunes, and soap (yes, soap for dirty mouths and such); a "Locker Room" where you can store your goods while you participate in basketball games and other activities; a food shanty, it probably has a name, where you can get the most AMAZING brats and warm-you-up drinks ever (you're standing on ice during all of this, mind you); and really we could go on forever but, to be honest we're sure we've already convinced you to go next year anyway. Check out these pics that illustrate just how ridiculous(-ly awesome!) the Art Shanties are: