Art Bites Tour: Nature/Made
Apr 27 2024 | 1 - 1:30pm

333 E River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

Bevan Art Bites

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On this FREE tour, explore works of art in the museum which fit the theme of "Nature/Made". Artists often use nature-made objects in their work to connect with the natural world, explore environmental themes, or incorporate organic elements into their artistic expression. Nature-made objects can include everything from found materials like rocks, shells, and branches to organic substances like mud, leaves, and feathers. Consider the relationship between the subject matter of a piece and the natural world, the materials used to make art, and where those materials are found. This tour is dialogue-based, meaning visitors will speak as much or more than facilitators. Be ready to participate! 

ART BITES are 30-minute, 3-stop tours given by Student WAM Guides developed under instruction from WAM’s LEARNING & ENGAGEMENT ASSOCIATE, Olivia Comstock.

The current Student WAM Guide cohort is comprised of: JOSÉ MIGUEL MANRIQUE [They/Them] – (Sophomore, Product Design & Creative Writing) and BEVAN BREAUX [They/Them] – (Senior, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies/Japanese).

The WAM Guides program is a paid opportunity for University of Minnesota students to develop and lead interactive, close-looking tours of the museum for the visiting public. Drop in, meet other curious-minded museum goers, and listen to your WAM Guide approach the museum’s collection via a theme of their own choosing.

Art Bites graphic designed by Jason Nawrocki


About the Guide

Senior, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies/Japanese

My tours, for the month of February are developed around the theme of THINKING WITH FLOWERS. On this tour we will examine the history of flowers in art, how they are represented, and how we interact with flowers in our daily lives.

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