Amreeka: Election Night Comedy Special

This special eventcreated by WAM Target Studio artist-in-residence Wafaa Bilal and the Theater of Public Policy, was recorded live on Tues., Nov. 3 and is available as part of WAM On Demand via the Weisman’s YouTube channel

On the night of 2020 Presidential Election, the Theater of Public Policy and comics SUZIE AFRIDIUSAMA SIDDIQUEE, and AMER ZAHR will collaborate for an evening of comedy and commentary on the incoming election news coverage and reflection on the state of “Amreeka,” as the word is pronounced in Arabic.


First created in 2016 by Wafaa Bilal, AMREEKA is a comedy showcase that brings together a diverse group of comics—Middle Eastern, Asian, Latino, Black, Jewish—that all have one thing in common: they love to complain. The historical and current political environment leaves no shortage of opportunities to do just that.

The first Amreeka show debuted three days after Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election and, since, has become a popular forum for irreverently riffing on the latest political and cultural developments in “Amreeka.”

THE THEATER OF PUBLIC POLICY (T2P2 for short) is Minnesota’s favorite, most-successful, and coincidentally only civics-inspired improv comedy company. Since 2011, they have used improv comedy to unpack and re-imagine hard “thinky” issues on stage and online. Every Election Night since 2014, T2P2 has hosted a live comedy and civics cabaret.