SEEN at The Cedar

This virtual event—created in partnership with Cedar Public Access Channel, Cedar Artist Collective member Ritika Ganguly and WE ARE ALL CRIMINALS—was recorded live on Oct. 29 and is available as part of WAM On Demand via the Weisman’s YouTube channel

For this episode of THE CEDAR PUBLIC ACCESS CHANNEL, Cedar Artist Collective member Ritika Ganguly has partnered with WE ARE ALL CRIMINALS (WAAC) and WEISMAN ART MUSEUM (WAM) to curate and present an evening of three new artistic works-in-progress created by incarcerated artists who are part of We Are All Criminals’ SEEN project. SEEN is a poetry and portrait project that challenges and disrupts mass incarceration by clearing the pathways for people behind bars to have their voices heard, faces seen, and humanity recognized. Dismantling the barriers that separate incarcerated thinkers and art makers from the Twin Cities arts community, each of the three featured artists at the Stillwater Correctional Facility has been collaborating with an artist on the outside to develop personal, new works that include multiple disciplines, from poetry to podcast. The evening will feature premieres by B and Danny, who will use poetry and visual art to explore and express the chaos of the cell; Sarith and Carl, who will use dance to move in time through Sarith’s journey before and within the prison; and Jeff and Korina, who will dive into storytelling through interviews in the style of podcast journalism.


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This project is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Weisman Art Museum’s Target Studio for Creative Collaboration and We Are All Criminals to create an artist residency program for incarcerated artists.

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All programs will be available for free with a suggested donation to cover the costs of the program. All participating artists will be paid. You can make a donation to The Cedar online to support this work.

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