December 2, 2019

Walk Back to Your Body: Anna Marie Shogren

Dancers of all ages who wear hospital gowns with plastic gloves attatched are watched by a seated audience in the Target Studio Gallery at the Weisman.

Last fall, four artists and five medical researchers embarked on interdisciplinary collaborations that have led to new cultural perspectives on complex medical questions. This series of blog posts is meant to highlight their processes before the culmination of these collaborations, taking place in the Target Studio on December 5. More info about that event here >>

Dance artist Anna Marie Shogren examines how dance and touch can enhance the quality of life for patients in senior care. In collaboration with the associate professor in the School of Nursing, Kristine Talley, and the Center for Aging and Innovation, the team investigated what dancers and caregivers can teach other about improving patient care practices among geriatric communities. 

“Collaboration is so much about building trust and relationships, trying to be patient and slow. You can’t rush trust and relationships,” Shogren said.

Shogren reflects on her experience working with medical care professionals, and the ways in which they focus on patient safety and survival. More interested in quality of life, she aimed to emulate a network of care through a network of people in the patient’s home life. 

“That’s what’s important about this project, getting people to change things up, and stepping outside of the beaten path,” Shogren said. 

This fall, Shogren will extend the work and ideally create a performance piece that collects and showcases the experiential content made during the residency. Her performances include costumes, ways to approach and suggest touch, audience engagement and sharing physicality. 

“It’s a training opportunity for people who don’t have resident or hands-on context,” she said.

Join Anna Marie Shogren, artists and researchers, Dean of Medical School Dr. Jakub Tolar, and Target Studio Curator for Creative Collaboration Boris Oicherman in conversation on December 5.

Let us know you’re coming >>


KATE DRAKULIC, Communications Intern

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