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Last fall, four artists and five medical researchers embarked on interdisciplinary collaborations that, like Dr. Cullen and Taniguchi’s project, have led to new cultural perspectives on complex medical questions. Conversations between social practice artist Peng Wu and sleep researcher Dr. Michael Howell have evolved from “How do we treat insomnia?” to “How does our culture treat sleep?” Dancer Anna Marie Shogren and Dr. Kristine Talley of the School of Nursing are looking at how dancers and caregivers can combine their practices to improve the quality of life in geriatric care communities. And alongside neurophysiologist Dr. Paul Iaizzo and biotechnology researcher Dr. Brenda Ogle, sculptor Alison Hiltner is discovering parallels between the cultural and scientific roles of the heartbeat.

Join artists and researchers, Dean of Medical School Dr. Jakub Tolar, Vice Dean of Research Dr. Timothy Schacker, and Target Studio Curator for Creative Collaboration Boris Oicherman in conversation.

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