YOLOW Zine's "Did You Eat?" - Selected Food Stories and Images by Artists of Color
Drawing of a knife cutting 3 vegetables

“Did you eat?” is something you say if you have been away from someone for an hour or a decade. Something you understand in your mother tongue, even if you don’t speak the language. Something that means, “I love you. I care about you. Can I share what I have with you?”

This zine is dedicated to any Black, Indigenous, Person of Color who has created home with the phrase, "Did you eat?" This zine is dedicated to our families and ancestors of the diasporas of space, place, and time. To our relationships made by blood and by sharing recipes, meals, and stories.

— L. Kling, Pickle Witch and Editor of YOLOW zines 

Cover art by Jun Osaki | Instagram @ajunkysock



Featured Works

"Did You Eat?" by L. Kling

"Leftovers" by Ashley O’Neill Prado

"Pudi" by Mary Ann Thomas, with art by Blue Delliquanti

"I: Ode to Immigrants" and "II: Reminder" by Aarohi Narain

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