Weekend with the Weisguides- 10/28

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky to attend Weekend with the Weisguides, an event that takes place one Sunday a month here at WAM.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with what this event is, let me enlighten you.

It starts with a tour, showing the museum and usually a particular exhibit that ties in with the activity that is done post-tour.  The activity is an art project of sorts, encouraging the tie-in between the art that was just seen and the creativity that we all posses.  (The snacks that are available never hurts either!) This week, to tie in with the Guy Tillim exhibit, the art project focused on Strong Dreams.  This was the description that accompanied the activity:

“The subjects in Guy Tillim’s photographs have experienced hardship, and know what its like to have their dreams taken from them. The artist focuses on the juxtaposition of the subjects’ past and reality, showing how forlorn people can be without hope.

Here, you can make artwork demonstrating how your dreams can be unwavering to circumstance. Think about what you want to be when you grow up, where you want to live, how many kids you want, etc. Then, draw this scene in crayon on a piece of paper. Afterwards, paint a dreamy landscape with watercolors over the scene. The wax crayon is impervious to water - just like the dream should be permanent. We all have dreams, and although the subjects of Tillim’s photographs had their lives change drastically, it is good to remember we can be strong and keep hope.”

All in all, it was a great craft to do!  We didn’t have as many kids in attendance as we normally did, but a few adults from the tour came in and participated, remarking on how long it had been since they’d painted and how much fun this was.  There are some photos of artwork that was done at this event, and I hope that we can have a great turn out for the next one on November 25th!