WAM Coloring Sheets
2 coloring pages
Illustrations by Elise Armani

Research illustrates the countless mental health benefits of viewing and making art. Art therapy techniques are used for reducing anxiety and stress, processing life changes and trauma, expressing emotions, and enhancing focus and concentration. Doodling is a way for many to calm a wandering mind, organize their thoughts, and focus in on tasks at hand. For all of these reasons WAM Collective encourages and facilitates drawing and other art projects at our monthly study nights.

However, for many of us however a blank page can be intimidating. The overwhelming possibilities of what could be drawn, coupled with a feeling of inadequate drafting skills can steer many potential art beneficiaries away. For this reason, and many others, we love coloring sheets.

The WAM Collective has designed a series of coloring pages for your enjoyment that will be featured for download periodically on the blog. This week take some time away from work and school and color the pages below.

Download your coloring sheet here.

This coloring sheet along with many other mindfulness resources can be found in our hand-bound limited edition WAM Wellness Toolkits. The toolkits will be launching this evening at WAM Study Night and will be issued periodically in the galleries through the run of our current Target Studio exhibition "The Talking Cure".