WAM Collaborator: Rock Martinez
Purple mural of prince
Prince Commemoration Mural, Uptown, Minneapolis

Public art can form and shape communities in a number of positive ways. By providing aesthetic value to a public space, street art provides value by creating conversations and forming relationships between individuals and the places they call home.

Rock Martinez is an International Mural Artist working in Tucson, Arizona and Minneapolis, Minnesota. With over fifteen years of experience painting large surfaces, commercial buildings, and private spaces, he brings creative solutions to a variety of neighborhoods across the United States. By creating bright larger-than-life murals, Rock works cross-culturally to overcome the challenges faced within communities. His work provides beauty and hope, transforming regular urban spaces into the realm of imaginative possibility.

Looking to learn more about street art? Rock will be at the Weisman Art Museum this TODAY (Friday, November 11th) hosting an interactive workshop on Mexican Muralism, where he will discuss the legacy of Mexican Muralism, as well as his own experiences as an artist. He will also address the role murals play in creating community. Check out more of Rock’s private and public commissions here.  

Discover the history of Muralism and make your own mural this Friday with local muralist Rock Martinez. Learn more about the event and register to partake at