Riverview Gallery

John Von Wicht, Stencil on Japanese Paper. Black and bright orange abstract symbols with a navy blue accent. Open Studio: Stencil Art

Thu, Aug 1 - Sat, Aug 31 2024

In 20th-century American art, STENCIL ART evolved through various contexts, from its early association with political activism to its integration into avant-garde experimentation. During the Great Depression, stencil art served as a potent tool for conveying messages of hope and solidarity, with artists commissioned by organizations like the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to create murals and posters addressing issues such as labor rights and racial equality.

A sepia, yellow, and green toned watercolor painting of a tower just visible above the treeline. Open Studio: Watercolor

Mon, Jul 1 - Wed, Jul 31 2024

July's theme for Open Studio is WATERCOLOR, inspired by Alex Lindhal's Prospect Park Tower, 1918, Carol Hoorn Fraser's Hill in the Woods, 20th Century, and Ivan Majdrakoff's Of the Outdoors, 1954. 

36 × 80 × 1 1/4 in. abstract painting dominated by triangles, circles, and rectangular shapes. The "background" of the composition is a black and white striped plane while the foreground features imposing triangular figures with circular "bellies". The composition makes prolific use of simultaneous contrast by employing highly saturated red, yellow, orange, green, and magenta colors next to each other.  Open Studio: Op Art

Sat, Jun 1 - Sun, Jun 30 2024

June's theme for Open Studio is OP ART, inspired by Rico Gaston's piece Untitled (Young Mystics), 2020. 

Study Night Wednesday Mar. 27, 5pm - 8pm Study Night

Wed, Mar 27 2024

Join the WAM COLLECTIVE for STUDY NIGHT on Wednesday, March 27th from 5–8pm! 100 FREE MISFIT COFFEE vouchers will be available while supplies last! Come on over and study, socialize, get caffeinated, and try a hands-on springtime art-making activity. 

This event is supported by Student Service Fees funding.

*This month's planned collaboration with the Tretter Collection from UMN Libraries is being postponed. Check back later this spring for more info!

Study Night Wednesday Feb. 14, 5pm - 8pm Study Night

Wed, Feb 14 2024

Love is in the air! And in the ART!

Join us for a special edition Valentine’s Day Study Night on Wednesday, February 14th from 5-8pm. 100 FREE MISFIT coffees are available as always while supplies last.

Create a LINOCUT VALENTINE PRINT for your special someone, a bookmark for your latest read, or a little something for yourself!

River Sense logo (In Person) Open House: River Sense Conversations

Wed, May 4 2022

Open House

Join us at the Open House, prior to the evening's panel conversation, and have individual conversations with the artists and collaborators about their work:

sillhouette next to geometric display of patterns Pop-Up Exhibition: Extensive Alterations

Wed, Apr 6 - Sun, Apr 10 2022

The Weisman Art Museum presents a pop-up exhibition of artwork by Christopher Houltberg in conjunction with the online event Extensive Alterations: A Conversation Between an Artist-Patient and His Doctors. After six years of chronic illness and seeing nearly thirty doctors, CHRIS HOULTBERG underwent a Total Pancreatectomy with Auto Islet Transplant: an incredi