Guerrilla Girls, Do Women Have To Be Naked To Get Into The Met Museum?, 1989 (
Poster by the Guerrilla Girls.

I want each and every one of you to get as pumped up and excited for Guerrilla Girls Takeover Week as I am. The Guerrilla Girls are a group of female artists who wear gorilla masks and fight for equal rights in the art world. Feminism is something I am super passionate about because I want to know that myself and all other females have the same opportunities as males, and being able to witness a group make history like these girls have and will, makes me unbelievably excited. Twin Cities Take Over begins on February 29 and wraps up on March 5. There are so many events going on that narrowing them down might seem like a daunting task, which is why I am providing you with my personal must-sees for this week.

Monday, February 29:
Made Here Storefront Windows celebrates young local artists. If locals show how much they love the artwork young people are producing, these young artists will feel more confident and encouraged to keep following their passion. This will help the art scene in Minneapolis continue to grow.

Tuesday, March 1:
Artist Panel and Discussion Kelly Morgan will moderate a dialogue about women in the arts with an emphasis on Native American women. It is so important to stay aware of current problems so  that you can contribute to their solutions. Women and Native Americans still face a lot of obstacles in the arts, and it’s time to let their voice be heard. Check out the Weisman Art Museum’s current exhibition, Andy Warhol’s Cowboys and Indians, for a unique discussion on identity and representation.

Wednesday, March 2:
I hope to see you all at the Guerrilla Girls Panel Discussion at WAM. I hope you already got your tickets! We currently have a long wait list. Worry not, there are more options for Wednesday night and we will publish a follow-up on the blog next week.

Girls to the Front is all about celebrating women in music and nothing sounds more fun than singing loudly for a cause.

Thursday, March 3:
Estrogen: A Love Story is a local version of the Guerrilla Girls Dropping the Estrogen Bomb. Topics of femininity still seem to be a taboo, and with tampons currently being taxed as a luxury good, we need to change this and start talking. Periods aren’t something women choose to have and we should not be punished for a natural fact of life or the need to take care of ourselves.

At Self/Concept you will hear Sara Suppan, Megan Johnston, and other artists speak about their identities. Learning about artists’ identities is always exciting because it can provide context for their work that you would otherwise be unable to access. I highly recommend any chance you have to learn more personally about an artist!

Friday, March 4:
Reception for I AM: Exploring Identity through the Self-Portrait  As a college student, I am constantly exploring identity, both my own and those around me, and I’ve learned so much by speaking to students from different backgrounds. This exploration opens up a whole new world of dialogue that can take place when you take a step and see your piece of the puzzle in relation to everyone else’s.

Guerrilla Girls Youth Dialogue Always, always, always support young people when you can. They need it. Being small is hard, kids can be mean, and art is such a good form of self expression. The youth is so important to this world because they will be the voice of it in the future. Let them know that we respect what they have to say and that we want to hear them.

Saturday, March 5:
Guerrilla Girls Talk Out at the Twin Cities Take Over This will be a huge finale event, taking place at the State Theater, which has a capacity of just over 2,000. After the events of the week there will be a lot to reflect on and go over, and this bunch of masked artists will be leading a discussion on feminism and change. Many of the Collective members will be at this event so look forward to a follow-up! See you there!

Lauren Gengler

Lauren Gengler is a 3rd year studying Art and Journalism who spends most of her time within the walls of the museum. When she is not at the WAM, she can be found reading a good book or jammin' on her planner. In addition to the campus museum scene, Lauren is active with the university’s comedy club, Minnesota Long Form Improv and Phony magazine.