Slow Art Day
Apr 4 2020 | 11am - 5pm

333 E River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

A man showing children a painting

Additional Details

The average museum visitor only spends about 10 seconds in front of a given work of art. That's why, for one day each year, people all over the world visit museums and galleries to look at art—slowly. Participants this year will look at three five works of art for ten minutes each and then gather together to talk about their experience.

This year's Slow Art Day also includes a video installation from Ranee Ramaswamy, the founder of Ragamala Dance Company. From Ramaswamy: "For me, dance has been a continuum that bridges family, my homeland of India, and my adopted home of the U.S. For three decades, I have worked with my elder daughter, Aparna Ramaswamy, in an intergenerational creative partnership. My second daughter, Ashwini Ramaswamy—who has long been a dancer in our work—joined us as a co-choreographer in 2016. This 20-minute video installation, entitled Lineage, is a small window into my art form of Bharatanatyam and the work I have done with my two daughters since immigrating to Minneapolis in 1978."


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