As Seen, Part 2: Knitting Connections
May 1 2019 | 7pm

333 E River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

People sitting in a circle talking

Additional Details

Target Studio: Artist in Residence

Target Studio artist in residence Alison Hiltner invites you to interact with her first prototypes generated from her experiences at the Visible Heart and the System Regeneration laboratories. She is exploring the possibility of creating a touchable, physical interface for the heartbeat. She wants to know your thoughts when interacting with the first generation of these objects, Tethers. They are exploring ways to forge connections with ourselves and others.

At certain intervals throughout the evening there will also be performances choreographed by Chris Schlichting. These performances will offer another layer of how our actions are both spontaneous and learned.

Participating Dancers include: Mirabai Miller, Tori Cassagranda, Marggie Ogas, Julia Bither, Hettie Stern, Rachel Clark, Nicole Stumpf, Laura Selle Virtucio, Marisol Herling, Shui Xian, Emilia Bruno, and more to be announced.