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Prince in a recording studio booth
Prince from Minneapolis
December 9, 2017 - June 17, 2018

Prince from Minneapolis features work by photographers Allen Beaulieu, Nancy Bundt, Terry Gydesen, and Robert Whitman, all of whom hail from Minneapolis and photographed Prince in his early years, helping to craft and disseminate his now iconic image and identity.

In addition to the photographers, the exhibition will include work by artists who have been inspired by Prince, such as Troy Gua, a Seattle based artist, who uses art doll recreations of the megastar in different settings, and the Mexican American de la Torre brothers, who created memorial spirit figures in glass at Minneapolis’s Foci glass studio days after Prince’s death.

Also on view will be a portrait by famed Minnesotan seed artist, Lillian Colton, a painting representing city walls covered with flyers and graffiti by the Turkish painter Burhan C. Dŏgançay, and a Prince bicycle by independent frame builder Erik Noren of Peacock Groove. The bike won Best in Show and Best Theme Bike at the 2017 North American Handmade Bicycle Show, and was commissioned by and is on loan from Anna Schwinn, great-great-granddaughter of the legendary late nineteenth-century bicycle pioneer, Ignaz Schwinn. Minneapolis-based muralist Rock Martinez will install a newly commissioned mural of Prince that will make its debut at the exhibition preview party.

Planned in collaboration with the Spring 2018 University Symposium Prince from Minneapolis the exhibition considers the forces at work in Minneapolis that helped allow for, and shape Prince. The exhibition explores through the images, many taken in the Cities, and attendant mappings projects also on display, the superstar and this place he called home.

Image by Terry Gydesen, Mixing a song at Bullet Studios in Amsterdam, 1993.

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