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Pop-Up Exhibition: Transformation: Art from the Inside
March 23, 2022 - March 27, 2022
The Weisman and Just Education Collaborative present a pop-up exhibition of paintings, drawings, craftwork, and sculptures of artists living in Minnesota’s correctional facilities, organized by Art from the Inside (AFTI). AFTI is a project that creates space for incarcerated artists to share their creative work and their voice. Admission to the Weisman is always free and open to anyone.

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Related online event: Just Education and the Weisman Art Museum will also host AFTI’s founder Antonio Espinosa on March 23, 2022 for a facilitated discussion about the transformational power of art. The discussion will be facilitated by Ingrid Nuttall (Just Education co-founder), with participation of Antonio Espinosa (AFTI founder), Elaine Auyoung (Donald V. Hawkins Professor and Associate Professor of English), and AFTI artists.

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About AFTI

Art from the Inside gives incarcerated artists the opportunity to express themselves through art—giving them a visual voice. AFTI will be exhibiting their art in the community with the hope to inspire community dialogue about the complexities of our criminal justice system.

About Just Education

The Just Education Collaborative explores how the University can transform the collateral consequences of incarceration into opportunities for economic mobility, individual growth, and societal change, through research, and collaboration with scholars, advocates, state and county officials, and those currently impacted. In 2018, leaders from the Law School, Academic Health Center, Weisman Art Museum, and other University stakeholders began to explore how the University of Minnesota can reverse the ripple effect of incarceration by creating a more just approach to supporting citizens with criminal records and their communities. Through funding from the Institute of Advanced Studies, the goal of this collaboration is to identify what the University of Minnesota, as a major and influential academic institution, can do to address the crisis.