(Online) Youth Housing Design Workshops and Competition
Feb 21 2022 | 1 - 3pm
Mar 19 2022 | 3 - 5pm
'Youth Housing Design' over multicolored legos

Additional Details

Learn how to design a house, inside and out!

This online youth workshop consists of two sessions:

Session 1
Housing Structure: Monday, February 21, 2022, 1 p.m.- 3 p.m. 

Session 2
Interior Design: Saturday, March 19, 2022, 3 p.m.-5 p.m. 

Do you have what it takes to design a house? The more creative, the better! Grab whatever materials you have available, or purchase some to create and design a house and its interior. You can use LEGO® bricks, markers, crayons, colored pencils, Lincoln Logs, clay, or any other materials you like. This project consists of two workshops, giving students the tools necessary to create and design the layout for a house, room by room. Featuring: A special presentation on traditional Hmong housing, so youth can learn about types of homes designed in places outside of the United States. Prizes will be awarded for the best student house designs by a vote of "likes" on the Young Builders and Designers Facebook page. Prizes will also be posted to the group's Facebook page in February.


Brian Kelley

About the Artist

For more than sixteen years, Brian Kelley has been teaching design education to Twin City youth through his Young Builders and Designers program.His wide range of clients and partnerships include University of Minnesota's Design School, The LEGO® Store in the Mall of America, The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board and many others. Many of his youth designed projects have been exhibited throughout the Twin Cities in places like The History Center and The LEGO® Store in Mall of America. He currently lives in the Twin Cities with his wife where he enjoys spending time with his new granddaughter and finding ways to create and design.

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