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More is More: The Lyndel and Blaine King Collection
February 29, 2020 - February 14, 2021

"When my WAM colleagues asked if I would be willing to show the art collection my husband, Blaine, and I have built over the years, my first thought was that we just acquire things that give us pleasure, things we like to have around us. But that is what collecting is really all about. The exhibition, appropriately named More is More (I am not a minimalist!), is eclectic and reflects our passions, interests, and travels during the past fifty years." –Lyndel King

There were few women leading museums in 1981 when Lyndel King became the director of the University Gallery, then housed on the fourth floor of Northrop. Later, she would give an architect by the name of Frank Gehry his first major commission. Over her four-decade tenure as the Weisman's Director and Chief Curator, Lyndel has overseen more than 200 exhibitions. Nothing about Lyndel's career could be described as typical. That's why we're proud to present More is More: The Lyndel and Blaine King Collection. From a painting by Minneapolis-icon Cameron Booth to a coat that Nancy MacKenzie fashioned from onion net bags and twine—come view Lyndel and Blaine's eclectic collection for yourself.

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Above image: Vesna Kittelson, Lyndel Queen, 1994, acrylic and pencil on paper. Lent by Lyndel and Blaine King.