Member Highlight: Nayana Jha and Michael Cain
Member Highlight: Nayana Jha and Michael Cain

Nayana and Michael are both intimately connected to WAM. Nayana’s late father, Dr. Prabhakara Jha, taught in the University of Minnesota’s Department of Comparative Literature, and she had her high school prom at the museum the year that the Frank Gehry-designed building opened! Michael, a lifelong pianist and music educator, will begin teaching at the University’s School of Music this spring. Among their many titles, Nayana and Michael became WAM members and donors in 2019, and Nayana recently joined our Colleagues Advisory Board.


Do you have a favorite work of art in our collection?

The Roy Lichtenstein [World’s Fair Mural] that welcomes all into WAM is a favorite! And of course, the gorgeous Oak Leaves by Georgia O’Keeffe. We also loved the recent Rose and Melvin Smith show about the Rondo neighborhood.

What kind of impact do you feel you make by supporting WAM programming?

WAM is a hub of creativity, community, and exploration—all of which help make the University of Minnesota, and the broader Twin Cities, much stronger. We believe in the arts and in education, and to us WAM is an incredible symbol of the power of that nexus.


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Image: Nayana and Michael at the opening for Rose and Melvin Smith: Remembering Rondo. Photograph by Jayme Halbritter.