2 swan sulptures


Looking back

Exhibitions come and go quickly, so sometimes it's nice to look back and remember past accomplishments. These are a few of the catalogues we've found from exhibitions developed by the University Gallery in the latter half of the 1970s:

Animals from Legend and Life in Antique and German Porcelain, 1977
The Desert: Indian Art of the Southwest,1976
People of the Plains 1820-1850, 1978
Mimbres Painted Pottery, 1979
Once Upon a Time: Illustrations of Children's Tales from Around the World, 1979
The Mountains of Marsden Hartley, 1979

small sculpture
The Desert: Indian Art of the Southwest
a native american woman
Mimbres painted pottery animals
person dancing graphic
Mountain Graphic

Areca Roe

Areca Roe is a MFA graduate from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Art, with a concentration in photography and minor in Museum Studies. Areca completed her project involvement in Fall 2011, and has subsequently been involved with the University as an artist in residence at the University’s Bell Museum of Natural History.

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