A dad with his 2 children
My Dad, Sister, and I


Growing Up With an Artist

When I tell people that I am an Art History major, the most popular response that I get is, “Wow, what inspired you to do that?” I used to trace my interest in art to a class I took in high school. Recently, however, I realized that my inspiration to study art was with me since the moment I was born.

My Dad is a cartoonist. During my most recent trip home, I found that he turned my old room into a studio for himself. I cannot complain, though, as he has always been my artistic supporter. I was a dancer my entire life, and my Dad understood the emotions and beauty of the movement more than anyone else in my family. Obviously I did not realize this at the time, but having this creative support at home would be extremely beneficial to my future studies.

I always thought of our family as a little bit “different” than the others, but never in a negative way. For example, every Christmas, when families were dressing up to take a picture to send Holiday wishes to their friends, my Dad was drawing some sort of Penguin themed holiday card to send out. Back then, I was often envious that we did not have a card like everyone else, but now I am proud that my Dad shared something unique. His emphasis on creativity is something that I will highly value for the rest of my life.

2 characters looking at a christmas tree
One of my Dad’s many Christmas Cards

Some of my earliest memories with my Dad include trips to the Art Institute of Chicago, and flipping through coffee table books. We have many art books laying around, and many reproductions hanging on the walls. We have Van Gogh’s Irises in a bedroom, and The Accolade by Edmund Blair-Leighton in our family room. Of course, being an artist himself, we also have some of my Dad’s work on display. The walls of our house may not be the galleries at MoMA, but the constant reminder of my Dad pursuing his passion has definitely encouraged me to continue my passion of studying Art History. It was definitely a different way to grow up, but I would not change a thing because it got me to where I am today.

An abstract black and white artwork
My Favorite of My Dad’s Work

If you would like a Christmas card this year, or are interested in seeing more of my Dad’s work, contact him here

Caitlyn Carr

Caitlyn Carr is a senior at the University of Minnesota majoring in Art History with a minor in CSCL. Originally from Chicago, she is loving her time in the Twin-Cities (though she misses her beloved Cubbies). Her passions include traveling, dancing, communicating only through emojis, and of course, telling anyone who will listen how amazing WAM is. Just back from a semester in Italy, she is thrilled to be more involved with the Collective for the upcoming year!

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