Give Mindfully

WAM Collective has created a thoughtful gift guide inspired by our own favorite items in the WAM Shop, and the friends or family we buy gifts for every year. Relationships don’t always fit into categories like “dad,” “girlfriend,” “husband,” or “daughter,” and gift giving is more fun when you consider the true character of your loved ones.

The Hibernator

A cloud of wool, a warm glow, some tactile doodling. Every Minnesotan needs some cozy supplies for the winter. This survival kit is perfect for anyone (and these reasonably priced trinkets are guilt free gifts to keep for yourself).

A wooden glove with some books

The Eco-Friend(ly)

Locally made and ethically sourced chocolate is a great mid-hike snack. A glass water bottle is better for taste, the environment, and personal health. With these tools stuffed into a Duluth Pack, your friend is ready to hit the trail. Gilded leaves and tree trunk relief prints preserve summer’s beauty and are easily enjoyed inside during the bitter winter months.

Cups on an open book