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During the month of May, 1935 the University Gallery was host to some animated visitors. As described in the May 12, 1935 article in the Minneapolis Tribune titled, "Mickey Mouse Goes 'Arty' in University Exhibition," the gallery exhibited 50 black and white drawings and 48 color drawings from the Disney studio in California, which were loaned to the gallery by the College Art Association. The drawings illuminated the process of animation, and showcased celluloid character drawings superimposed over landscape drawings on paper.

The Minnesota Daily student newspaper reported Mickey and Minnie Mouse scampering for higher education:

newspaper clipping

During the run of the exhibition, original Walt Disney short films were also shown. A gallery report indicated that "projection apparatus" was brought to the gallery and from time to time Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies cartoons were played. This was in addition to frequent talks given by the Department of Visual Education on the methods of animation.

Today, thanks to the projection apparatus known as You Tube, we can view the Silly Symphonies that were likely shown in the University Gallery:

The Skeleton Dance, 1929
Flowers and Trees, 1932
Three Little Pigs, 1933

... and more...

*The exhibition was held two years prior to the release of Walt Disney Animation Studio's first full-length animated feature, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is a graduate student in the Master of Liberal Studies program at the University of Minnesota, completing a minor in Museum Studies. She also serves as a Visitor Services Assistant at the Weisman Art Museum.

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