The Curator
Diane Mullin
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Minneapolis, Minnesota

PhD, Art History;  Washington University, St. Louis
BA, English (Art History Minor); Boston University


Years at WAM:

Favorite WAM memory:
Before [I became] a staff member, I came to the opening of the building in [my] first weeks of moving to the Twin Cities. As an art historian with an interest in architecture, it was very exciting.

What are your responsibilities as curator?
I am lucky enough to work on developing and managing exhibitions; work with the team that helps develop the collection; and research and write about objects in the WAM Collection.

3 photos of 2 people posing
Sharmaine, Vincente, Joseph, Andrew, and Charlie by Dawoud Bey
from RBC Wealth Management's The Human Touch 

What is your favorite piece in the upcoming exhibition, The Human Touch?
Dawoud Bey’s Sharmaine, Vincente, Joseph, Andrew, and Charlie. The work captures the beauty, mystery, and mundane nature of adolescence - the point at which we all transform, in an Ovidian way, into adults.

What was the biggest challenge while working on The Human Touch?
Having to eliminate some works because of available space.

What is your favorite room (gallery or behind the scenes) in the museum?
My favorite Weisman space is the small balcony off the Riverview Gallery. I love the second floor patio, too, but I prefer the more out of the way, small space - which, when you get there, is its own huge surprise.

What is a typical day (at work and at home) like for you?
My days are variously made up of communicating with colleagues and working partners (including artists); reading, writing, and thinking. At home I spend time with my husband and teenage son. I sometimes work at night - but always listen to a selected novel read by my husband before bed.

How do you practice mindfulness at work or at home?
I practice yoga regularly. I run and take walks. At work, I try to remember to drink water regularly and get up and move around often. I also am sure to sit quietly with eyes closed on a regular basis. I try to always do one thing at a time.

What is the most important thing you have learned during your time at WAM?
Everyone counts!