Communities React to "Remembering Rondo" | Videos by The StoryMobile
Rose and Melvin Smith hold microphones, providing an interview in front of the StoryMobile station.
A StoryMobile team members interviews an audience member, with Melvin Smith's collages in the background.
Artist Maya Beecham—a family member of Rose Smith— stands in front of Rose's paintings and provides an interview to two StoryMobile team members who record her using a camera on a tripod.
Interviewing Maya Beecham, an artist and family member of Rose Smith
A group of people talking
Melvin Giles, Program Director at The StoryMobile, blows his bubbles in front of the StoryMobile bike.
Melvin Giles, Program Director of The StoryMobile

Remembering Rondo is a landmark retrospective of Rose and Melvin Smith's expansive careers in the arts. Currently living in Eagan, MN, Melvin R. and Rose J. Smith were residents of St. Paul’s Rondo neighborhood for many years. The works in this exhibition are drawn from the artists' Rondo series—a sprawling body of work that stands as an elegiac anthem for that lost neighborhood and the enduring community that lives on in its wake. Hear audience reactions to the exhibition in these videos, recorded by The StoryMobile at both the exhibition opening and community day in summer 2019. Watch the videos below, and learn more about the exhibition here >>

Remembering Rondo Community Day | July 17, 2019

Remembering Rondo Opening | June 7, 2019

Photographs by Jayme Halbritter. The StoryMobile is an invention of the Saint Paul Almanac, the StoryMobile is a mobile storytelling platform that is meant to share, display, and preserve the stories that matter.