Between the Seams: Meet the Designers

At this very moment, University of Minnesota apparel design students are hard at work, crafting one-of-a-kind garments inspired by fairy tale iconography. Over the course of their spring semester, the 18 designers studied the visual language presented in The Wonderful World Before Disney, an ongoing exhibition of postcards that explores the eclectic imagery of popular fairy tales before Disney’s mass marketed adaptations came into dominant the genre. On April 17, they'll share their garments at Between the Seams 2019 Student Design Showcase, the eighth-annual fashion show hosted by WAM. We invite you to learn more about a few of these emerging designers, including Kesari Patel, Noah Garon, and Emma Byhre.

For many of our Between the Seams designers, the showcase is the first time they will present their work publicly, providing them with an intensive opportunity to hone their craft in preparation for a competitive career in apparel design. If you are interested in supporting this multidisciplinary and collaborative work, we invite you to donate to our crowdfunding campaign in an effort to sustain the longevity of the program.